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Tim Whited Jun 28 Cobalt Iron / Announcements

On June 22 at 06:44 a malicious email flood hit Office365 users and the good news is that within 5 hours was being actively blocked.

The bad news is that with the speed of the Internet of things, in that 5 hours millions of users had received that email.


The payload (often in the guise of a ZIP file)? Zero day RansomWare. The kind that finds all of your documents, encrypts them with a private key and then demands a ransom be paid to decrypt the files you (used to) own. They are known to traverse network shares. Few AV programs are able to handle these at this writing.

The current going rate is between $300 - $1,600 (often payable only in BitCoin to be untraceable) per key and the success rate is not very good. Recently a Los Angeles hospital was hit and the ransom was $3.6M, leaving the hospital crippled in its attempts to service their patients.


Be diligent, be patient and keep track of your backups. The OS is usually the least of your concerns, as they need your system operational to tell you they got you. Using the Backup/Archive Client on VM's in addition to Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments can greatly assist in individual file restores.


Be safe out there!

Tim Whited Jun 14 Cobalt Iron / Announcements

Systems have life cycles. Hardware and OS'es age and go out of support, we all know this to be true.

But how can Cobalt Iron help?

The goal is to protect data, and that we can help with and here's how:

  • SystemA is backing up to a Cobalt Iron Accelerator. SystemA.1 will replace SystemA.
  • Open a support ticket with the Cobalt Iron Guard team for assistance.
  • Install the client on SystemA.1 along with your applications. Configure the options file to the same as SystemA.
  • Do all of your application testing on SystemA.1 to make it ready to go live.
  • Backup SystemA one last time.
  • Stop the services so the old SystemA won't back up again.
  • Update the ticket to ask the Cobalt Iron Guard team to prepare the Accelerator for the change over.
  • Wait for a response that the work has been completed.
  • Rename SystemA to SystemA.old and SystemA.1 to SystemA.
  • Run "dsmc" on SystemA to set the password and authenticate against the Cobalt Iron Accelerator.
  • Start the services on SystemA.

What the Cobalt Iron Guard team will do is ask you for an expected decommission date - say 90 days later. We will then modify the meta data on the Accelerator so that all of the old data is marked as such and all new backups will be stored as expected. That will keep your "old" data separate from  your "new" data in the event you need to restore something that was forgotten.

Then when the expected expiration date is reached they will ask you if the "old" data can be purged from the Accelerator.

Tim Whited November 4, 2015 Cobalt Iron / Announcements

That's a tough one, and it can only be answered by you. And when the time comes, how can you communicate with the Cobalt Iron team a critical situation, even after hours?


While we hope it never happens, here is what you can do to get a ticket to us in pretty short order:

  • Create a ticket
  • Give as many details as possible
  • Provide a call back number as this is likely after hours and you might not be at your desk either
  • Mark the priority as "Urgent"
  • If you don't receive a response to your ticket in a few minutes:
    • 1 (888) 222-1484 - 24x7 phone number

Again, we hope you are never in a position to use it but know that if you do, we'll be working on it with you.



The Cobalt Iron Guard Team